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Close to the nation's capital is the rural municipality of Cantley, Quebec. Its first pioneers settled here in the 1820's; a local government was established in 1889. Today it is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada.

Cantley 1889 was founded by volunteers interested in discovering Cantley's roots from the early 19th century - its logging on the Gatineau River, mining mica from the rocky Canadian Shield, farming its rolling hills and fields. Our mandate is to discover, catalogue, protect and promote our heritage.

We are a registered not-for-profit voluntary organization. Your membership supports Cantley 1889. We welcome your stories and photos of Cantley’s past and your volunteer help.

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Cantley 1889

Showcasing Cantley's historical artefacts, sites, and buildings
In partnership with local photographer Pierre Bélisle

Cantley 1889 in The Echo of Cantley

Read Cantley 1889 articles, our monthly column on Cantley's heritage and topics of local historical interest originally published in the Cantley Echo community newspaper.

Most recent Cantley 1889 article: Historic Horseshoe Bay - September 2020.

Cantley 1889 Events

Guided tour of Cantley’s sculpted rocks

Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 2:00pm

On April 14, 2020, the Municipality of Cantley passed a resolution to purchase the Cantley Quarry which includes its prehistoric sculpted rocks.

You will have the opportunity to visit the site with Dr Sharpe on October 25th. See poster for details and events for more information.

In addition to following safe distancing protocols, we will require all visitors to wear masks due to tight spaces along theway to the rocks. Attendance is limited. Reservations required. For more information, see poster.


See poster for details and events for more information.

Aspects of Cantley History

See videos by videographer Pierre Belisle and others.


St. Andrew’s pulpit and pew with part of “Cantley’s Mining Heritage” photo display in the background.

Parc Mary-Anne-Phillips (47 ch Summer, Cantley)

Cantley’s restored Tugboat and Mine Car with their descriptive panels situated with a unique view of the Gatineau River. In 2017, Embâcle, a sculpture carved from river logs, was installed here showing the symbolism of the river’s history.

Cantley Townhall, Lower Lobby, 8 ch River, Cantley, Quebec

Cantley 1889 photo exhibit: Cantley’s Mining Heritage
Historic pulpit and pew donated from St. Andrew’s Church (1876 - 2016)

Heritage News

A tragic day for Cantley's heritage - the demolition of Cantley’s historic 1877 St. Andrew’s Church on May 26, 2020.