Upcoming Event

Monday, November 18, 2019 at 7:30 pm
Franklin Expedition – recent discoveries

Cantley Community Centre
6, Impasse des Étoiles

Thierry Boyer

The Underwater Archaeology of the Franklin Shipwrecks with Speaker Thierry Boyer
Plan for this evening of underwater discovery with Thierry Boyer, one of the Parks Canada team of underwater archeologists who has been exploring and documenting the wrecks of the Franklin Expedition’s HMS Erebus and HMS Terror in the northern waters of the Arctic.

Mr. Boyer will present the team’s latest exciting findings from its recent excavations.

Cantley 1889 is organizing this evening as part of the GVHS monthly lecture series. Everyone welcome! - See poster for more information.

This presentation will be in French with some English and English slides. Questions will be taken in either language.


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