Hunt for History in Cantley 1889’s Virtual Museum!

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The following article first appeared in The Echo of Cantley Volume 33 no 6, December 2020. This article is made available for the enjoyment of others with the express permission of the Echo of Cantley.

For holiday fun... Hunt for History in Cantley 1889’s Virtual Museum!

In November, Cantley 1889 marked its 10th anniversary on Zoom by looking at photos and telling stories we collected during our past decade. Some were archival photos of Cantley, enabling us to imagine what times were like during Cantley’s earlier years. History came alive, proving A picture is worth 1000 words!

Many photos were taken over the past few years by renowned Cantley photographer Pierre Bélisle. Pierre uses his camera and exceptional talent to capture a sense of Cantley life in bygone times. His images include many of Cantley’s remaining heritage buildings, farms, sites and artefacts. With the help of Cantley 1889 volunteers, there is now a photographic record of these photos, creatively organized and described in Cantley 1889’s Virtual Museum.

Cantley families can now enjoy these incredible photos of their own community, engage in their own history and discover Cantley’s historic roots! These pictures are worth at least 1000 words! So, we hope you and your family will visit our museum.

Entrance to the Virtual Museum is on the Cantley 1889 website:

For even more fun at the museum, try this “History Hunt”:

Read the caption on one of Pierre’s Museum photos (shown on these pages) while you hunt for answers in the Virtual Museum. When you enter the Museum, be sure to choose a Museum Gallery that is most likely to have the clue.

Invent your own history hunt:

Try out one of these ideas: a guessing game (like “20 questions”), a scavenger hunt, games like “Where’s Waldo?” or “Jeopardy”....or use your own imagination....

We invented “History Hunt” by using photos to encourage readers to visit our museum, but photos are not.

Happy History Hunting!... and Happy Holidays, fromCantley you, our loyal readers, and to the incredible Echo team!

* Pierre continues to photograph artefacts to add to the Museum. If you can lend any historic artefacts (relevant to Cantley’s history) please contact

1. Find the person hidden in the Fleming farmhouse kitchen.
    Who is he? How old is he?
2. Sam McClelland was Cantley’s mayor (1933 to 1947). Find his “guest house”.
    Before electricity, what 2 “houses” were on the guest house site?

3. Find this artefact.
    What is it?
4. Find this medicine bottle.
    Why did people take this medicine?

5. This 1895 gadget was found in all kitchens.
    Why was it used?
6. Find this compass from a tugboat.
    Why is it so special?

7. Find this in the Unique Artefacts Gallery.
    What is it? Why don’t we need it anymore?
8. It’s easy to find this in the Museum.
    What was this used for?

9. This is not an ordinary chair.
    Who owned it? How was it used?
10. Yikes! What is this?